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BEE Engaged, is a volunteer involvement program presented by the BEE Club Inc. Get involved through one of our positions on the community leadership team. For more information about the community leadership team, please contact us.

The BEE Club's Community Leadership team brings a variety of community members together in hopes of further empowering high school girls to lead in their schools and communities. It gives community members including: school staff, local residents, and college students, the opportunity to actively engage with female high school students through leadership and service. Volunteers on the team collectively work to ensure the success of large scale projects (member recognition events, experiential learning events, community bonding events, and service events) for the BEE Club Chapter.


Engage with BEE Club Inc. alumnae, parents, donors, local community leaders and other key stakeholders


Host organizational presentations, pitches, and tabling activities

to advocate for BEE Club Inc.'s Mission


Plan and host  BEE Club Inc.'s annual fundraising, community building, and other special  events 


Develop organizational fundraisers and create digital media content 

to market and promote  organizational events 

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